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The influence of social media on the success of food delivery

The influence of social media on the success of food delivery

It is undeniable that delivery platforms have secured a fundamental place in people's daily routines. While their growth initially emerged as a consequence of the pandemic, this phenomenon continues to be very much present today, with the volume of orders in the global food service industry experiencing a 33% growth in 2022 compared to the first half of 2021.

In addition to this paradigm, we can add another interconnected and highly relevant topic for today: social media. Social media platforms have shown continuous growth over the years, with approximately 60% of the world's population using them.

There is indeed a proliferation of the use of platforms, not only by consumers but also by restaurants seeking to grow in the market, where 63% of restaurants use social media to help boost their brand. Specifically, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have been the most used platforms for the growth of delivery services.



Taking into account the previous points, in this article, we will discuss 5 advantages of using social media for the success of delivery services:



🎯 Targeted Marketing and Promotion

Social media platforms are effective for promoting services. They are where attractive photos and videos of the products being offered are shared. These platforms provide an open space with a wider and more diverse audience reach, as targeted marketing campaigns can be created.

Furthermore, these digital platforms allow reaching a segmented target audience (by age, location, preferences, or other factors). This allows for targeted advertising options, focusing on a more personalised and precise target audience. In this way, promotional campaigns can be directed and can boost the delivery service.


🤝 Engagement with the Target Audience

Social media is a space that allows for engagement between businesses and customers. It is a communication channel where questions can be asked and answered, opinions can be shared, direct messages can be exchanged, and reviews can be given, among other interactions.

From this perspective, reviews play a significant role in your restaurant's reputation. Positive comments serve as an attraction for new customers, while negative comments can seriously harm a business's reputation.

Engagement enables building a stronger relationship with loyal customers who are more likely to place delivery orders.


🙋‍♀️ Stories and Personalized Content

One of the main advantages of Instagram and TikTok is the presentation of shorter and more dynamic content. These platforms are ideal for providing regular updates, offering special promotions, and exclusive discounts to followers. This allows for creating a narrative focused on the delivery service, showcasing the quality and variety of the products offered.

Furthermore, you can share stories of satisfied customers, interesting facts about your culinary methods, and much more. These initiatives help establish an emotional connection with followers, increasing loyalty and the likelihood of recommending the service.


👀 Visual Marketing

Related to the previous point, Instagram and TikTok, in particular, are platforms known for their visual content. This type of content is enticing for food enthusiasts and can be highly persuasive when choosing your restaurant for delivery.

Visual marketing is an excellent strategy to attract customers and can be used to promote your restaurant and boost sales.


📲 Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with digital influencers has become a popular marketing strategy adopted by various businesses. It is a tactic that allows for increasing the visibility of the delivery service and, consequently, attracting new potential customers. These professionals build a relationship with consumers through personalised content, such as unboxing and tasting videos.

The choice of influencers should be strategic, considering whether the target audience and values align between the company and the influencer.

In summary, the use of delivery services has become a part of people's daily routines, and social media has fostered its growth and success. Delivery complements a customer's consumption experience, and due to the continuous evolution of this service, leveraging the world of social media will be more profitable for your restaurant.

By doing so, you can influence the success of the delivery service and, as a result, not only improve its performance but also enhance your position in the market.

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