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Join us on a culinary journey through the experiences of our valued restaurants. These video testimonials offer a glimpse into how we've spiced up their businesses, turning challenges into opportunities and data into delectable success stories.

Discover firsthand how our partnership with these restaurants has transformed their approach to delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Glovo, Deliveroo, and Bolt Food.

Prima Pizza, Lisbon, Portugal

Receiving such uplifting feedback is truly a source of great satisfaction for us. It reaffirms that our dedicated endeavours are genuinely enriching the operations of our clients' businesses! Through our Dashboard, we were able to empower Prima Pizza on their delivery intricacies .

(...) optimise our time.”, Alcibiades, Restaurant Manager

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Galipán, Madrid, Spain

The hottest hot dogs in Madrid! We have partnered with Galipán Spain for a while now, and it has been a good adventure. We recognise that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, that’s why we keep a close eye on emerging trends and industry shifts, so that we can proactively adjust our strategies and offerings to meet the evolving needs of Galipan and their customers.

“Genius, genius, genius. You understood what we needed and our goals.”, NAME, CEO

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Eat Pray Love, Lisbon, Portugal

It's always incredibly rewarding to receive such positive feedback, as it confirms that our efforts are making a meaningful impact on the businesses of our valued partners! With our dashboard, Eat Pray Love, was able to save time and is managing three different delivery platforms in one. Now, they have time to be more efficient in the dine-in, since they will not be losing time on managing delivery platforms besides taking the orders they receive.

“(…) it’s impossible to let it (pleez) go right now. I can't imagine myself without it”, Magda, Restaurant Manager.

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Refeitório by Chakall, Lisbon, Portugal

We're proud to be part of Chakall's successful journey and remain committed to helping them reach their full potential. With our Dashboard, Refeitório by Chakall can easily manage all restaurant operations and provide an exceptional experience to their customers, leading to more orders.

A partner, (…) pleez makes our work a lot easier, especially when it comes to management on delivery platforms”, says Susana, restaurant manager.

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Just Sushi, Portugal

Just Sushi is one of the best examples of a good partnership where both sides learned from each other. They had no problem in kindly sharing their positive experience on working with us, highlighting our user-friendly dashboard, which has helped them streamline their ordering process and manage their inventory more efficiently.

“It saves me time. In just 1 minute I can see all my stores”, Manuel, Just Sushi CEO.

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