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Automation and AI: Two major technological trends in the restaurant business

Automation and AI: Two major technological trends in the restaurant business

The future of the restaurant industry belongs to technology! But not just to technology… We know well that the proverb is not quite like that, but there’s no harm in adapting it if we want to talk about the future of the restaurant industry.

Despite the future being unpredictable, whenever we talk or think about it, it is inevitable not to associate it with technology, which has been revolutionising the way we work, communicate, and, of course, how we eat. In the restaurant industry, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are two major technological trends that are changing the way restaurants operate and interact with their customers.

AI helps restaurants to better understand their customers and their preferences, and it can also analyse customer data such as menu choices and reviews to help personalise each customer’s experience. For example, a restaurant can use AI to recommend dishes based on each customer’s tastes and preferences.


 💻 Automation Systems

They are not new in the food production industry, but they are starting to make sense in restaurants.

Fully automating or streamlining processes in the kitchen that take up valuable staff time, through new equipment or intelligent process management software, is the main goal. Searching for a faster, more efficient, and personalised service, the technologies and ideas that emerge to equip the kitchen and rethink its management undoubtedly deserves close attention.


🤖 Artificial Intelligence

It has been a long time since strategies have been based on guesses or solely looking at one’s own restaurant, but the next step involves Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. While Big Data gathers enormous amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence is the solution for analysing and uncovering patterns, trends, and associations, especially relevant when it comes to human behaviour and interactions.


By revealing these trends, “Big Data” applied to your business can:

💯 Improve customer service – feedback from staff and customers provides quantitative and qualitative data that allows you to identify recurring operational issues.

📈 Maximize operational efficiency – data from human resources, sales patterns, and feedback enable you to predict demand peaks and, for example, adjust shifts and processes accordingly.

🚀 Improve marketing results – having in-depth knowledge of your audience and the behaviour of the new generation of consumers is essential for defining a marketing strategy that truly impacts sales.


Due to a large number of competitors, the food delivery market is risky. However, “Big Data” offers great opportunities for restaurant managers, allowing them to compare collected data and choose the most efficient strategy. Additionally, it enables the understanding of customer preferences and tastes.

Restaurant data analysis involves collecting and analysing data to obtain crucial insights. Restaurant analytics software can monitor market conditions and adapt to new trends. For example, KFC utilizes large volumes of data to analyse customer feedback and food preferences.

The expectation people have regarding food is that each dish tells a story and that every bite has a perfect flavour, especially when ordering meals. This reality drives the concept of the future kitchen to be constantly evolving, with automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) being among the main technological trends shaping the future of the restaurant industry. In addition to this, with the growth of the delivery market, investments in this business have increased exponentially.

As businesses seek ways to improve efficiency and offer personalised experiences to their customers, the trend is for these technologies to continue being an increasingly important part of the restaurant sector. It is in this context that pleez stands out, offering a service that uses these technologies to optimise their clients’ restaurants presence on delivery platforms. Through the dashboard, it is possible to combine various delivery platforms in one place, allowing for greater efficiency and a personalised service.

The fast-paced nature of service and the menus of restaurants require efficient and simple dynamics to ensure customer satisfaction and increased profits.

In addition to solving the problem of having multiple delivery platforms and having to assess multiple dashboards, which reduces business profitability and diverts attention from the physical space of the restaurant, we offer real-time recommendations and we analyse competition and the market. We also evaluate the return that promotions bring to your restaurant, as well as the needs of your customers.

With us, your restaurant’s menu will be constantly updated and optimised to target your customer’s preferences. We regularly provide improvements and adjustments to the menu on a monthly basis, enabling you to boost your sales.

The future starts now! Contact us to learn more!

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