1. What is Pleez?

Pleez is a startup that created the Smart Menu.  A Pleez disponibiliza um software inovador que permite aos clientes explorar o menu, fazer pedidos e pagar a partir do seu próprio telemóvel no restaurante.

É sobretudo uma ferramenta que contribui para o bem-estar dos funcionários e para a satisfação do cliente e, cujo principal objetivo é otimizar a recolha de pedidos, passando a ser um processo simples e imediato, que reduz a margem para erros como esquecimento ou confusão.

2. Do I need to download any app on AppStore/Google Play?

Nope…. no downloads nor logins. We want to provide the most convenient service. You only need a phone and a web browser. A Qr code reader will also come in handy, but is not mandatory 😉 

3. Do I need a QR code reader to access the menu?

Not really. Even though most phones have an integrated qr code reader, every menu has an internet link people can access manually.

4. Do other restaurants show on the phone when my customers access my digital menu?

No. The web address and table code are unique for each restaurant.

5. Can I customize my restauran's digital menu?

Of course! Pleez is the white label for your menu.  These are some of the configurations you can do through your back office:

– Logo of your restaurant
– Pictures of images and categories
– Descriptions of the dishes;
– Allergens information;
– Happy hours, Specials of the day and promotions;
– Different menus for different locations (eg: drink menu only)

6. Can I have the ordering feature? How does it work?

Yes, you can enable the ordering feature. All you need is a tablet through which all your customer’s orders will be processed. In this case a unique Qr code is generated to every table. The customer accesses the menu, orders and pays directly thorugh the phone and the tablet will notify you.

7. Does Pleez replace my POS?

Not really. The ordering feature is complementary to your POS. It’s supposed to make your service more efficient and provide a better service to your customers. None the less, we are working towards integration with different POS.

8. How are payments made through Pleez? Is it secure? Is it possible to include a tip?

The customer chooses the payment method from Visa, Mastercard or MbWay. You can include VAT and tips. The amount is directly deposited in the restaurant’s account, already discounted of the transaction fees. It is a secure payment, processed by SIBS and Stripe, payment gateway entities. Payments made through Pleez, eliminate the need to contact cash or TPAs, the surface at risk of contagion.

9. Some of my customers prefer to pay in cash, is that possible with Pleez?

Yes. The restaurant can choose to keep the usual payment methods.


10. How do I check if the payments have already been made?

As soon as the customer confirms the payment,  a notification is sent on the back office and the waiters phone. The payment history can be viewed at any time on your management back office.


11. How does my customer receive the invoice?

After approval of the payment and its registration at the POS, the waiter can issue the invoice and deliver it to the customer.


12. Are there any fees for processing payments?

Yes, and you can choose to have it paid by the hotel/restaurant or charged to the end customer.

The rates we have in place are:

– MbWay: 0.8% + €0.07 per transaction (Portugal only)

– Credit/debit card: 1.5% + 0.25€ per transaction

13. Is the back office accessible from any computer/tablet/mobile phone?

Yes. The restaurant management back-office platform is accessible from any device on any operating system. It gives access to digital menu configuration, consumption reports, payment history, restaurant feedback metrics, etc.


14. What if my customer doesn't have a smartphone?

For customers who don’t have a smartphone, we offer the Table service. Pleez suggests that, during the pandemic, restaurants rent backup table tablets equipped with our software and, in the future, can make them available at tables at any time.


15. Can I use my equipment and rent only the system software?

Yes, but it must be clarified in advance with our commercial team to ensure that there is compatibility with the software.


16. How are payments made to Pleez?

Monthly through credit/debit card deduction.

17. Is there a trial period for your services?

Yes. 30 days free trial for every paid package.


18. Is there a loyalty period to subscribe to your services?

Yes, Pleez offers monthly and annual plans. All are covered by the 30 days trial period.


19. Are the reports generated by Pleez sent at the end of the month or can I consult the activity?

The activity reports are generated in real-time and can be consulted at any time from the back office.


20. What are the benefits for my restaurant? And for the clients?

For the restaurant:

– No initial investment
– Earn customer’s trust by adopting security measures
– Faster service generates higher table turnover
– The convenience of mobile ordering promotes spontaneous consumption
– Keeps up with the competition when scanning the restaurant
– Eco-friendly restaurant by eliminating paper in physical menus
– 100% customizable menu that can be updated at any time
– Access to business metrics such as order volume, transactions, or service feedback

For your customer’:
– Innovative experience in a safe space
– Control to consult the menu and place orders whenever you want
– Significantly reduced waiting times
– No queues to order or to pay

– Secure mobile payments, no need to have physical cash or cards on you

21. How many languages is Pleez available in?

You can write your menu in any language. The fixed copies of the menu (on the bottom bar) are available in: English, German and Portuguese. 


22. 27. What is the initial investment?

No initial investment.


23. Is there a helpline?

Yes. Pleez has a support hotline open from 9 AM to 8 PM at +351 932 901 831. And a Whatsapp line open for emergencies from 8 AM to midnight at +351 932901 831.


1. Does Pleez also serve hotels?

Yes, Pleez’s services apply to Food & Beverage establishments (Restaurants, Bars, Pastries, Cafes, Kiosks and Hotels).

2. Is it possible to integrate Room Service with Pleez?

Yes, for hotels, hostels and accommodations, we provide Room Service with the possibility of forwarding the bill to the room bill.

3. Is it possible to have different menus for different sections of the hotel?

Yes. A hotel can make Pleez services available to its guests in all restaurants and bars and show different menus in each, considering that each space will be charged individually with a group price.