One team, one mission

Digitizing restaurants
to enhance
what they do best

We’re a company helping restaurants to digitize the experience they offer their customers. We want to make the industry more professional and profitable.

One mission

Enhance the experience at restaurants and increase businesses profitability

How it all started...


“We were undecided”

“The idea was born one day we were at a restaurant and couldn’t decide what to order. We wanted to ask the waiter for a recommendation.”

“didn’t help much”

The waiter simply didn’t ask what we like, he was in a hurry doing millions of tasks and gave us a random suggestion, which turned out to be disappointing….”

“we took action”

We decided to create a solution to reduce the number of orders that don’t match the customer’s expectations!
Pleez was born in December 2019 with a clear mission: matching the right meal to the right customer!

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